How we scaled Celery for our Django app

The scenario

call some_task.delay(), it returns immediately and executes asynchronously

Need to process all of this (source:

Little about Celery

Are tasks function calls?

Only primitives are allowed as task arguments

Updating a function will break old tasks

Make tasks changes backward compatible, like APIs.

Django-celery-results is a time bomb

Standard logging is a much better solution for any of your debugging needs.

Pro tip: Log task params, in addition to task name

Unit Testing

1. Task invocation

2. Task execution

Ignore celery tasks in the test suite

Scaling up 🚀




Solution: Use different Queues

Some of the queues at

Bonus: Rate limiting

   x / 0.2 = 500
=> x = 100

Redis Broker does not scale

Celery was duplicating

Delayed Tasks

It starts off simple and has enough features to scale for many different workloads!

I feel we will continue to use it in the years to come.

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