I was evaluating options to run an Eth2 proof-of-stake node. My initial thought was to host on AWS. For the machine I had selected it was~$300/month (primarily because of the 500GB SSD). Didn’t seem like a lot, until I realised


The scenario

Process 30–50 million tasks per day; max throughput of 2k TPS (tasks per second). Tasks should not be duplicated (executed exactly once). Some tasks need to scheduled for later.

When we first introduced celery to our existing django application, we were at less than 1/100th of the traffic we have…

Why, and how, to do TDD.

What is Test Driven Development, or TDD?

One way to write software is to write some code, then test it manually, make some more changes, test again, until you’re satisfied. Then, maybe, you write tests.

In TDD, on the other hand, first you write a test case (that fails), then write code to make it pass, make…

I made a chrome extension to send WhatsApp messages to all phone numbers on a webpage, without saving a contact on the phone.

GitHub Link.

How I felt after hacking with WhatsApp

Recently, I had the misfortune to look for a rental house. Besides parsing through multiple properties on property rental portals, I had to contact agents. For every property that I liked (and had a chance to get):

I had to copy the agent’s phone number from the computer…

Vedant Agarwala

Engineering Manager at apna.co | Startup enthusiast, Public Speaker, Tech Blogger | 1 startup was acqui-hired.

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